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5 Techniques to Get More Sales through Email Marketing

Email marketing when done right can make a whole lot of difference to your business. According to CampaignMonitor, for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI. That is a huge return on investment when compared to other marketing channels.

When marketing online, you must focus on how to consistently build your target audience email list in order to consistently reach out to them.

From my over 8 years experience of marketing online, email marketing produces the highest return on investment when compared to other online marketing channels.

Now you know the importance of email marketing to your overall digital marketing campaign, it’s time to learn techniques you can use to generate sales through email marketing.


1) Offer Value Through Content

The number one mistake most people make with email marketing is the urge to want to start selling immediately without offering their prospects any value upfront.

There are different ways you can offer your email subscribers value upfront. It could be sharing a free tip, blogpost, eBooks, Webinars and so many other ways.

Instead of wanting to sell them on each email newsletter, offer your subscribers value through quality information.

For example, if you are a car dealer, you send email newsletter with tips on how to buy a good car and how to get a car of one choice at the most affordable rate. When you decide to market your cars to your audience through email newsletter, they will listen to you because you have offered them value upfront.


2) Personalize Your Email Newsletter

Try as much as possible to personalize your email newsletters. If you have their first name, address your subscribers by it. If not, your message should sound personal. Even though you may be sending email broadcast to thousands of recipients, you want to make each subscriber feel as if the message was addressed to them alone. This contributes to high conversion when selling through email marketing.


3) Offer Discount and Coupons

Almost everyone loves discounts and coupons. If I’m not sure of everyone, I’m sure of myself 🙂

We all loves to save money and will glad to purchase something if these is a discount attached to it.

Don’t underestimate the positive impacts discount and coupons can make to your business. Once a while, send a coupon and discount voucher through your newsletter and watch how you get new customers immediately. You also need to understand that those that bought with a discount voucher today will buy another product at the original price tomorrow.

The idea is to have a substantial paying customer base. It is easier to sell to existing customers than to sell to new prospects. So get as many paying customers as you can now through email marketing.


4) Send Email Newsletter Consistently

The only way to get a massive result from email marketing is through consistency. You need to send email newsletter consistently if you want to maximize the potential of email marketing. It could be sending a newsletter once or twice per week depending on your industry.

There are some niches that require that you send email newsletter daily, especially eCommerce websites. If you are not consistent with your email newsletter, your subscribers may forget you exist since they don’t hear from you consistently.

Don’t forget, consistency leads to conversion.


5) Promote Your Products and Services Through Email Newsletter

Why did I make this point last?

Because your audience needs to trust and like you before they can buy from you. The biggest determinant of sales is trust.

By offering value to your subscribers through content and personalizing your newsletter, you will gain their trust which will lead to them buying from you. By combining value and promotion in your email newsletter, you will be receiving a lot more sales through email marketing.



These are the 5 techniques you can start using to attract sales through email marketing. They look simple but the reality is that it works. I have practice and continue to practice these techniques for my company and clients with good results.

Email marketing can produce an extraordinary result when done right. It is one thing to be using email marketing and another thing to generate good results through it. By utilizing these techniques, you will experience a better conversion for your digital marketing campaign.


Have you used email marketing for your brand?

Do you have any other email marketing tip you can share?

Use the comment box below to share your thoughts with me.

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