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10 Things You Must Do For Extra Ordinary 2019

I love the positivity of a new year.

The high expectations, the new year resolutions, the big goals and so forth.

From my little experience, I have come to realize that from the third month of every year, the high positivity of the new year begins to go down.

The big goals begin to break apart, the new year resolutions gradually become a thing of the past and that beautiful new year we had so many expectations on start becoming like the previous years.

So what happened along the line?

Why do we start the year with so much hope and expectations and begin to lose hope just three months into the new year?

Is there a solution to this recurrent problem?

The answer is YES.

Here are 10 things you must do to have an extraordinary 2019.

1) Put God First

Irrespective of your personal belief, I believe God is very important in my ability to have extraordinary success in 2019. This can also apply to you.


2) Be Specific and Focus

Most people don’t know what they want.

Are you one of those that want to achieve over 1000 goals in 2019?

I wish you good luck.

But on a serious note, you need to be specific about what you want in 2019.

It could be as low as 3 things you intend to achieve this year and you put your entire focus on it.

Lack of focus is the major reason why most people are living below their expectations.

Get Ultra Focus and specific on the result you need.

The following blog posts will also help you.

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3) Take Risk

Most people know what they want but are scared to take the first step.

What if it fails?

They keep on pondering from such question and remain a prisoner of their own fear.

In 2019, you need to develop the courage to take risk.

Ask yourself, if I take the first step, what is the worst thing that could happen?

There is no successful person or enterprise that has not failed at something.

We only celebrate their success and neglect the lessons from their failure.

You need to understand that failure is part of the game.

Take risk, fail fast.


4) Write Down Your Goals

There are people who say their goals are in their head :).

Sound funny but the reality is that most people don’t write down their Goals.

There is power in writing down your goal.

First, write down your yearly goal and break it down into months, week and days.

Develop the habit of writing daily goals or to do list.

What are the things you plan to achieve today?

Write it down. This is very important.

I use Wunderlist mobile App to write my daily to-do list. You can also use Evernote app.

Read the following guides on goal setting.

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5) Learn & Execute Ruthlessly

Your body and mind is the only vehicle you have in your entire time on earth.

Don’t you think they deserve proper attention?

Reading books, attending training and courses will always expand your mind with new ideas and insights. When you execute the ideas, you start getting results.

Ideas without execution are useless.

Knowledge can only be power when put into action.

Form a habit of executing ruthlessly on the knowledge and the new information’s you gained.

One of the best decisions you can make is to read one book per week. By 31st December 2019, you must have read over 50 books.

Imagine the impact the information’s you receive from reading 50 quality books will make in your life?


6) Eat Healthy Food and Exercise

You need a healthy body and sound mind to work on your goals. Make a decision to eat healthy food and also exercise regularly. When you are fit and healthy, you will have the physical and mental strength to execute ruthlessly and to work on your plans. Ensure you eat fresh fruits daily. They will provide your body with essential nutrients.


7) Commit To Mastery and Raise Your Standard

Whatever you do, decide to become the best at it. Develop the mastery of your skill and industry daily.

Mastery gives you confidence. And with self-confidence, you will be able to raise your standard and attract a premium fee for your skills and talent.

Raise your game in 2019, raise your standard and reap the benefit of your skills and talent.


8) Become a Servant

“And the greatest among you shall be servants” according to the Holy Book.

The greatest people are those that decide to serve irrespective of the consequences.

Think of Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Mary Slessor, Martin Luther King and other great people that decide to serve irrespective of the consequences.

They are celebrated till date due to their courage to become servants in tough times.

Take it upon yourself to serve.

The universe will reward you beyond your expectations when you decide to become a servant.


9) Become a Giver

“Give and it shall be given unto you”.

Easy to quote and difficult to implement by most people.

There are those that think they are very wise because they keep on receiving without giving anything in return.

Those that give, receive more.

Have you ever wonder why some of the world richest people are the highest givers despite some of them being atheist and non-religious?

They are simply activating the natural law of giving and receiving.

This natural law can be activated by anyone irrespective of their religious belief.

Just like the law of gravity, when you jump up, you will surely come down.

It does not matter if you are a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Traditionalist, Atheist, Secular Humanist, and any belief system.

It is a natural law.

I advice you to activate the natural law of giving and receiving today.

You might say, you don’t have anything to give.

The fact is, you have something to give.

You have skills, talents, gifts you can give someone or society without expecting anything in return.

Start giving today and make your 2019 an extraordinary year.


10) Develop a Heart of Gratitude

Are you grateful for the things you have today?

There are people despite their little achievement, are still chronic complainers.

No matter what they have, they still complain.

From my little experience and interactions with people, those who are chronic complainers hardly go far in life.

I have worked with a different class of people and have realized that successful people I have worked with have the habit of being thankful and grateful.

In fact, you will think they don’t have any problem.

Only if you know the challenges they are passing through.  But they are still grateful.

The few people I have seen living a miserable life have developed the habit of constant complaining. No matter the good things happening in their life, they will still complain.

A heart full of complaints cannot attract good things.

Good fruits cannot grow in dead or sick trees.

You need to purge your heart of chronic complaining this year.

If you wish to experience extraordinary result in 2019, make your heart a fertile ground for ideas to grow.

A heart full of gratitude will always attract good things no matter how long it takes.

Chronic complaining will do you no good.

Don’t carry such habit into 2019.

Take a drastic decision to develop a Grateful Heart and begin to experience a change of condition and life.



These ten things I outlined could be turned into a book but I have been able to summarize them and bring it to your knowledge.

It is now your turn to start practicing them now.

Results only come from practice. Nothing happens until something is done.

Take charge of your life, do the things that will make take you out of your comfort zone and start living the extraordinary life you deserved.

2 Responses
  • Temitope Orenuga
    September 11, 2018

    Great insight. Thanks

    • Celestine Mmadueke
      September 11, 2018

      Glad you find it useful 🙂

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