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11 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Marketing Through Email

Just as email marketing can help you attract more customers and increase business revenue, there are certain mistakes you can make that will hinder your email marketing success.

When it comes to marketing online, email marketing should be your top priority. You can use other channels like social media, content marketing, Google advertising, Video marketing and so forth which I recommend but you need to ensure you are also using these channels to build your email list.

Email marketing is the number one channel for eCommerce transaction.

But how do you ensure you avoid making critical mistakes when marketing through emails.

Here are 11 Email Marketing Mistakes you must avoid if you want to get results with email marketing.

1) Not Building Your Email Database

The more people that are subscribed to your email newsletter, the more reach you will have. The more people you can reach the more sales you will generate. Don’t make the mistake of relaxing because you have a couple of people on your email list.

You need to continually build your email database in order to reach more people with your brand message. If you currently have 100 subscribers on your list, think of how to increase it to 500 subscribers and from 500 to 1000 subscribers till you can get up to 100,000 and also 1 million subscribers. The fact is, with focus and action, you can build any number of email lust you desire.


2) Poor Subject Lines

33% of email recipients open email based on subject lines and 69% of email recipients report email as based solely on the subject line.

The most important component of your email message is the subject line. It will determine if a recipient will open your email or not. We can all identify with the fact that our email inboxes are bombarded with email messages daily. We can’t spend the whole day just checking email messages.

The email subject line will determine if a recipient is going to open an email newsletter or not. You need to properly plan and write your email subject line. It must also not be misleading but have to be written in a way that it interests the receiver to open it.

You can read this guide and discover how you can get high open rate with your email newsletter.


3) Overly Self-Promotional Content

This is another big mistake. I consistently receive emails from brands that want me to buy one or more of their products daily. The entire messages they send is all about selling something. I assume they don’t care I’m human that also deserve some value base information rather than just trying to get me to spend money.

Email marketing is great for selling but all your email content should not be focused on just selling and selling. Provide value to your audience through high-quality information, tips, and guide. When you decide to sell, most will respond because they have received lots of value from your brand.


4) Sending Email From A Generic Name And Address

I get annoyed when I received an email with the address How do you expect me to believe you care about me when you have made it known through your reply address that I should not bother replying your mails? This is just bad for business. They may have reasons for using noreply email address but using such address for email is marketing is not recommended.

Using your name (e.g is the best approach because it becomes obvious that the mail is from a particular person. Though businesses can also use mails as The main objective is that your receivers should feel they are having a two-way communication with a person and not a robot.


5) Poor Newsletter design

When you send an email newsletter with poor design, you are subtracting from your brand value. You need to ensure your newsletter is properly designed. There has been ongoing debate about text vs html email format. The type of email format you will send depends on your industry and target audience.

Whether you chose to send plain text or html emails, ensure they are properly formatted and designed. This will improve user experience and engagement with your list.


6) Keeping Bad And Non-Responsive Email List

There is no need to keep a dead and non-responsive email address in your database. It will affect your reputation with ISP and your email service provider. Once a while, remove dead and non-responsive emails from your database.

If an email address has not opened any of your message in the past six months, find a way to send those particular email list reengagement email messages and if they do not respond, remove them from your list. First, it cost you to send an email newsletter and it does not make economic sense to keep non-responsive emails. When you use email marketing service like Mailchimp, they can help you remove dead and bounce back emails automatically but you need to personally remove non-responsive email addresses yourself.

By removing non-responsive email addresses from your list will result in more open rate for your email newsletter and lesser cost to send emails.

What is the point of having one million email list if about 80% of those subscribers have not open your mails in the past 6 months to one year? It’s time to clean your list and increase your open rate and engagement as a result.

It’s time to clean your list and increase your open rate and engagement as a result.


7) Not Using a Reputation Email Sending Service

I have received email messages from brands that were broadcasted to hundreds of people and each receiver will see other receive email addresses 🙂

They use email service like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and so forth to send the emails and add other emails as BCC.

This is a terrible way to market through email and most brands don’t really know the damage they are doing to their brands using this method.

The receiver will know the message was broadcasted to thousands of others and using this method will produce little or no result. Mailchimp allows you to send messages to thousands of people and yet, it will be personalized to each individual.


8) Not Personalizing Your Email Messages

Humans generally want to get personalized attention. Most of us tend to open an email message that has our first name written on it. This also helps in increasing email newsletter open rate.

Most of the email service providers have a feature in which you can add a first name tag to your newsletter and each recipient will receive the email newsletter with their first name as the subject line and embedded inside the newsletter. Though you can only do this when you have each recipient first name.


9) Not Segmenting Your Email List

You must segment your email list if you want to generate good results from email marketing. If you provide intangible services consulting, you should have a list of your existing clients and a list of your prospects separate. This way, you can send each list an email message customize to them.

Let’s take eCommerce website, for example, there are some eCommerce websites in which their newsletter form will ask you if you are a female or male.

This will enable them to send you gender-based products and I believe they will generate more results from this method.

Imagine sending both ladies and men fashion items to all their entire list?

They should expect more results because they are now targeting their newsletter to a particular audience.

In fact, most people will unsubscribe from an email list when the content they receiving from the brand is not targeted to their interest. Email list segmentation will enable you send your target audience email newsletter with their exact interest.


10) Not Having a Mobile Responsive Email Newsletter

Have you receive an email newsletter that you find difficult to access with your mobile device?

Most people experience same issue. There are brands that send email newsletter that is not mobile response and they may not be aware of it.

53% of Emails Opened on Mobile according to Limus. If your email newsletter is not mobile responsive, you are losing more than half of your audience. Almost all the reputable email sending services have mobile responsive newsletter templates you can customize and use.


11) Not Having a Call to Action

Why do you send email messages?

After reading your message, what action do you expect your receiver to make?

This is where a proper call-to-action us needed. Its either you want your subscribers to visit your website, YouTube channel, download your eBook, register and participate in your webinar, listen to your podcast, follow your brand on social media or buy your products and services.

There have to be a relevant CTA for your email marketing campaign to be effective. Because the action your email subscribers take after reading your email will determine if you will attract more customers through email marketing or not.



With the numerous benefits that come with email marketing, you have to avoid these 11 mistakes to maximize your email marketing efforts. When done right, email marketing can be your highest converting digital channel.


Over to You

Have you made any of these email mistakes before now?

Have you been able to sell your products and services through email?

Use the comment section below to share your thoughts and experience.

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