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5 Trusted Techniques to Attract More Clients through Twitter

During my offline digital marketing seminars, I’m frequently asked by attendees how they can generate sales through Twitter. Many view Twitter as a platform to share instant happenings and news.

But the reality is that Twitter is also a good platform to find prospects and attract new paying clients.

Twitter remains one of the most popular social media networks and the below statistics proved it:

  • Twitter Monthly Active Users (MAU) Worldwide: 328 million Q1 2017 (source: Twitter)
  • Twitter has increased their year over year Daily Active Users (DAU) by 14 percent year-over-year marking the fourth consecutive quarter of accelerating growth (source:  Twitter)
  • Twitter Monthly Active Users (MAU) International is 259 million Q1 2017 which is a six percent increase over the previous year. (Source: Twitter)
  • Twitter ad engagements for 2016 was 151 percent higher than it was for the previous year (source: Twitter)
  • According to eMarketer nearly 66 percent of the businesses who have 100 or more employees have a Twitter account and expect it to rise through 2017

Here are 5 techniques to attract more clients through Twitter

1) Find new clients using Twitter Search Tool

The search tool on Twitter is an amazing place to search for prospects looking for services and products you sell. To use the Twitter search tool, first, make a list of keywords and words you think prospects will use on Twitter.

For example, my agency offers digital marketing and website design services.

I will search for the following keywords using Twitter search tool:

“I need a website”

“I need digital marketing”

“Searching for digital marketing”

You just need to be creative and use different keywords your target audience will use when they need a service.

I will simply contact those looking for any of the solutions I provide and offer them my services. This is a method used by few people to close sales on Twitter consistently and you now have access to it for FREE. Implement it immediately 🙂

I decided to click on “Paris Queen” profile and realize someone was already discussing with her regarding the website project.

The possibility of the early responder closing the deal is high because the prospect is actually the one searching for the solution. You need to creatively compose keywords or search terms you think your prospects will be using to search for the services and products you offer. There are business deals all over the Twitter but it’s only those that understand how the platform works that can utilize it for clients acquisition and revenue generation.


2) Use Twitter Trending HashTags or Topics for Instant Exposure

As I share this strategy in my training, I can see participants smile and shake their heads (A gesture when you received a powerful idea :))

Most people do not understand that they can actually use Trending hashtags on Twitter to reach thousands of people for free. When something is trending, it means it’s currently receiving thousands of conversation and impression. By using the trending topic or hashtag, you will be reaching thousands of audience for free and will end up closing more sales.

Step 1

Locate a trending hashtag you intend to use.

Step 2

Compose a Tweet related to that hashtag and market your products and services. For instance, #WednesdayWisdom is trending. I can simply tweet a quote on Wisdom, promote my brand and utilize the trending hashtag. By doing this, I will be exposing my brand to thousands of eyeballs.

Take note, you need to use this method wisely. Don’t go about spamming every trending hashtags.

With these little 2 steps, you will be reaching thousands of people for free. You need to practice it to realize the power of using trending Hashtags and topics to promote your products and services.


3) Post Valuable Content

Offering valuable content consistently on Twitter is another good way to attract new clients. Quality content will also help you grow your Twitter followership.


4) Give Special Offers

I have always said people love special offers, discount, and vouchers. One way to attract clients very fast is by giving special offers. This can also help your content go viral which is good for business.

Think of what you can offer through Twitter. It could be 30% special discount for your Twitter followers or a free Training. Your industry, product, and services will determine what you will offer.


5) Use Twitter Advertising

I always advocate that businesses should have a monthly marketing budget. Twitter is also a good platform to advertise your products and services to a targeted audience that need your products and services. Before you start using any form of online paid advertising including Twitter, it is essential you understand the nitty gritty of the platform. The below guides will help you with how to advertise on Twitter.

The Field Guide to Twitter Advertising: How to Create & Launch Campaigns

A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Advertising



These are 5 trusted techniques of attracting more clients using Twitter. These techniques will only work for you when you practice them judiciously.


Have you been able to attract more clients through Twitter?

Do you have more Twitter marketing techniques to share?

Kindly use the comment box below to share your thought.

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