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7 Email Marketing Strategies For Great Result

Email marketing remains one of the leading digital marketing techniques to attract more clients.

But without the right strategies, your email marketing campaign can fail.

When marketers complain that their email campaign is not generating their expected result, it all boils down to the wrong email marketing strategies.

Here are 7 email marketing strategies you can start implementing and get a great result.

1) Be Personal With Your Audience

One of the biggest mistakes brands make when utilizing email marketing is addressing their audience like a crowd. Imagine sending an email campaign starting with “Dear all”.

People want to feel special. By addressing your email audience as one person will help boost engagement. You can also personalize your email by including the recipient names. Email tools like MailChimp have made email personalization very easy.


2) Be A Thought Leader Through Email

When you provide value to your audience, you will be regarded as a thought leader. If you want to lose your audience trust and loyalty, keep asking them to buy something from your brand daily. It’s good to sell through email but better to provide value combined with selling. This is how you generate good response from email marketing. Value can come in form of content, free eBooks, free tips, free videos, free consulting and whatever you think will be valuable to your audience.


3) Be Strategic With Your Subject Lines

Most email recipients receive loads of emails daily. I personally received between 100 – 250 emails daily. I don’t have the whole time in the world to open all these emails and most of them are promotional mails. In this era where our email inboxes is flooded by messages, email messages that have a powerful headline will attract more open rate.

Is your email headline solving a problem and raising curiosity?

Your email headline will determine if recipients will open your email or not. Spend a great time writing the email headline because if you fail with it, your email campaign will fail. The headline is the first thing the recipient sees in their inbox before deciding to open and read your mail.

Read the below guides on how to write a good email headlines.

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4) Send Mobile Responsive Newsletter

In an era where the majority of online users access the internet through their mobile device, it will be a strategic mistake not to make your email newsletter mobile responsive.

If you are using email marketing Tools such as MailChimp, iContact, ConstantContact, Mailerlite, they will automatically provide a mobile version of your email newsletter.

If you are using any other email tool, ensure your email newsletter is mobile responsive or else, you will lose lots of your audience that uses their mobile device to access the internet.


5) Segment Your Email List

It’s wrong to send the same message to all recipients. If you are into eCommerce that has products for males and females, sending female products to males is not a good strategy.

You need to find a way to segment your list. This also applies to sending emails to prospects and existing clients. The email you send to your existing clients should be different from the mails you send prospects that made enquiries.

Segmenting your list is very important if you intend to use email marketing to get good results.


6) Invest In Your Email Copy

Another great mistake brands make is to send their recipients any type of email message. You need to invest time to plan and write your email copy. The content of your email will determine if your audience will remain hungry for your email newsletter or not.

If you don’t have flare for writing, you need to outsource your email content creation to experts in that field. The content of your email newsletter is key to the success of your email campaign.


7) Be Consistent With Your Email Newsletter

What is the point of engaging in email marketing if you are going to send just one email a month or in three months. Most of your audience will even forget you exist. I have seen brands with an inconsistent email marketing campaign.

You should be sending your audience an email newsletter at least once a week. Depending on your industry, you can as well be sending email newsletters daily.


Final Thoughts

The potential of email marketing is huge with the right strategies. But with the wrong strategies, you won’t get much response from your email campaign.

If you can follow these 7 strategies outlined in this blog post, you can rest assured of utilizing email marketing to grow your influence and brand online.

Have you used email marketing for your brand?

Has email marketing helped you attract more customers?

Did you get value from this blog post?

Kindly use the comment box below to share your thoughts.

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