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8 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Using Twitter For Marketing

Marketing on Twitter can produce good results when done well.

Without an effective Twitter Marketing strategy, you can fail.

What are the mistakes you must avoid when marketing on Twitter?

Here are 8 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Using Twitter For Marketing Your Business.

1) Not Having a Twitter Marketing Strategy

To succeed with any type of online marketing, you must have a strategy. Same thing applies to Twitter Marketing. You need to develop a Twitter Marketing Strategy for your business.

You can read the below guide on how to develop Twitter Marketing Strategies for your business.

How to Create the Perfect Twitter Marketing Strategy


2) Engaging in Just Self Promotion

One of the fastest ways to lose your audience on Twitter is being sales pushy. When all your Tweets or 90% of your Tweets is all about selling something, you will lose your audience attention.


3) Not Providing Value

Without providing value through content, your Twitter marketing will not produce the needed results you expect. You need to provide value with your tweets consistently.


4) Ignoring Mention and Feedbacks

When you are tagged on Twitter, you need to respond if the mention requires your response. Social media is a platform for conversation and Twitter is not an exception.

By not responding to mention and feedbacks on Twitter, you will be regarded as a brand that doesn’t care about other people and relationship. Try your best to respond to mention and feedbacks as soon as you can.


5) Lack of Consistent Brand Voice

If I check your tweets, will I be able to know about your brand voice in 60 seconds?

Your brand voice is all about the manner you communicate and write. It’s important you have a consistent brand voice that resonates with your followers. As I follow Tony Robbins on Twitter, I already know the type of content he tweets. Same thing applies to your brand. Be consistent with your message and mode of communication.


6) Not Using Twitter Analytic Tool

The only way you can know the type of content your audience need is to analyze the performance of your Tweets.

How did your followers engage with your Tweets?

What kind of tweets did they liked, retweets and engage with most?

What time of the day are your followers more active on Twitter?

Having access to such data will help you plan your tweets and know the best time to tweet for higher engagement.

Twitter has a free analytic tool that will help you have access to all these data.

You can also use social media tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite.


7) Improper Use of Hashtags

Whenever you use a hashtag, ensure your content is connected with the hashtag you are using. You can’t use a hashtag related to football and your content is about online marketing. There is no connection. You can only use such hashtags when your content has a little connection with it.


8) Not Optimizing Your Twitter Profile

I have seen Twitter profiles with no profile and cover image. This is wrong if you intend to effectively use Twitter.

You need to optimize your profile by uploading your picture if you an individual or your Logo if you are a brand. You also need to upload a cover image that communicates your brand products and services to those visiting your Twitter profiles.


9) Failure to Edit Your Tweet

As a brand, you must ensure your tweets have zero or minimum grammatical mistakes. Most people online are judgmental. Before tweeting, ensure your content is properly formatted. You can use a tool like Grammarly to check and correct your tweet grammar in real time.


Final Thoughts

Twitter has over 313 million monthly active users and over 500 million tweets are sent per day.

It remains one of the leading social media networks. By avoiding these 9 mistakes, you will end up utilizing Twitter effectively and produce an extra ordinary result with the platform.

Have you made any of these Twitter mistakes?

Has this content helped you with your Twitter Marketing?

Use the comment box below to share your thoughts and contribute to the conversation.

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