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How to Build a Strong Digital Brand

To succeed in this age, having a strong brand is now mandatory.

Strong branding is what makes Apple products expensive and yet in high demand.

When you build a VIP branding, prospects will not care much about the cost of your products and services because they will believe they are paying for quality service.

Powerful brand positioning will result in more sales and profits. Digital Media has made it easy for us to build a strong brand that will result in more personal and business growth.

The question you may be having in mind is “How do I build a strong Digital Brand”.

A strong Digital Brand is a blessing and comes with numerous benefits. If you have a poor online brand, the steps below will enable you to start developing a strong and powerful digital brand that will result in you making more impact and making more money.

Here are 10 Steps to Build a Strong Digital Brand.

1) Have a Quality Website

Having a quality search engine optimized website is a strong digital branding strategy. No matter how big you are offline, if you don’t project that strength with your website, you will be at a disadvantage. Ensure your website is Search Engine Optimized in order to attract quality traffic and customers from search engines like Google. Also ensure your website has proper page navigation, user-friendly, mobile device optimized and loads fast. A quality website has lots of benefits and has the capacity to grow your business and brand when done well.

You can take advantage of our Website Design Solution through and be among elite brands that are continually attracting quality clients through their websites.

2) Be On the Major Social Networks

You can’t wish to build a better digital brand without being on the major social network. You will be surprised there are people who still do not have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. In my training, I realize there are those that will be on Facebook but are not on Twitter and those on Twitter and not on Facebook. Millions of people are still not using LinkedIn despite the huge opportunity it presents. The first step in building a stronger digital brand is to be on the major social networks. The more social media networks you belong to, the more reach your message will get.


3) Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

I’m always amazed when I discover how careless people can be with their social media profiles and pages. Imagine someone using a picture of himself/herself in a night club as their profile image. It may sound weird and funny but it is true. The images you decide to use as your profile image and cover image must be professional and should present your brand in a positive light. It cost little to go to the studio and take a professional photograph for your social media channels. Social media is image driven and the type of image you decide to use on your social channels will be critical to your brand positioning.


4) Provide Value Through Content

Social media is content driven. The text, images, audios, and videos you post on social media are all content. Whenever you post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, you are making a statement about your brand whether you are aware or not. These days, before some companies or individuals will use your services or products, they will check your social media profiles. I can tell you right now that thousands of people have missed opportunities due to what they post on social media and they are not even aware of it. When you provide value through content on social media, you will be seen as an authority in a particular industry and people will seek your expert advice. The more valuable content you post on social media and blogs, the more impact you will make. The more impact you make, the more money you will earn. Start providing valuable content online starting today.


5) Become an Authority through Blogging

By having a blog, you will have the opportunity to publish valuable information in your industry of choice. The more valuable information’s you publish consistently, the stronger your digital brand. There are numerous bloggers who are now millionaires through blogging. The amount of impact and money you can make through Blogging is huge and you should take blogging very serious if you intend to maximize the internet to grow your brand. You can also publish your content on other people blogs which are regarded as “Guest Blogging”. You can as well take advantage of platforms like Medium to publish valuable content.


6) Organize Events and Speak at Conferences

By organizing events online and offline, your brand status will skyrocket. Who dares organize an event if not an expert? The fact is, you can be very knowledgeable in your industry, except you teach others what you know, you will not be seen as an expert in your industry. You can organize Webinars and offline seminars and teach people what you know. You will be surprised at the result you will generate by doing this. You can also approach conference and event organizers and lobby to speak on their events. Some will accept you. By speaking at events and conferences, you will be building a powerful brand.


7) Publish an eBook

By publishing an eBook in a field you are knowledgeable, your audience online will regard you as a thought leader. I have written several eBooks and I can tell you that is not hard to write and publish an eBook. You just need to figure out what you want to write, do some research and start writing the eBook. The eBook could be 100 or 300 pages. An eBook could be anything from 10 -50 pages provided the information is helpful to the reader.


 8) Host a Podcast or be a Podcast Guest

Podcast has been increasingly popular and may replace radio. Millions of people are listening to and downloading podcasts. When you start hosting your own podcast, you will reach a lot more people with your message. You can also be a guest on a podcast with a good following.


9) Have a YouTube Channel

According to YouTube, they have over a billion users and each day those users watch a billion hours of video, generating billions of views watches a video every minute. By having a YouTube channel and publishing videos consistently, you will be positioning your brand as a helpful resource.


 10) Use Paid Online Promotions

By using online promotions such as Social Media and Google Advertisement, you will be projecting a powerful brand in the mind of your prospects. Sales are generated from awareness and branding is a product of awareness. If no one knows about your brand, they can’t do business with you. By using paid promotion, your brand will become prominent and have a positive effect on your prospects.


Final Thoughts

These are the 10 major steps in building a strong digital brand.

Take note, you must not utilize all these techniques at once. That will lead to procrastination. I have not even used all these 10 steps myself. You can start by joining the major social networks, optimizing your social media profiles and posting valuable content on social media.

When you have stabilized your social media brand, you can then start a blog or publish your blog as Guest Content on other authority blogs in your industry. You can also decide to blog using

Even before blogging, you can decide to write and publish an eBook and share it online especially through social media. This will lead to other opportunities like an invitation to speak at seminars and conferences.

So you don’t need to use all these platforms to build your digital brand at once. Start with the platforms you are comfortable with right now and improve from there. All you need is momentum.

Finally, my friend, if you have not experienced the benefits of a strong digital brand; by implementing these strategies, you can be sure of reaping the benefits within 3 months when done well.

Do you have any question regarding building a strong brand that was not stated here; use the comment section below to ask your questions, share your ideas and I will reply :).

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