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How to Grow Your Brand through Content Marketing

The benefits of publishing high-quality content online consistently are numerous and one of the major advantages is the growth of your brand. If you are selling products or services, by being a source of information to your target audience is one of the most guaranteed ways of attracting new clients consistently.

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen most businesses make is their desperation of getting sales now which results in consistently asking someone to buy their product and services without offering any value upfront.

Off course, being a growing business, you always need more customers to remain profitable. But when you decide to sell your products and services without thinking of how your target market can get some measure of value from you upfront, your marketing efforts will not produce the needed results.

Content Marketing will help you amplify your message and communicate to those that need what you are offering. The impact strategic content marketing can have on your brand is numerous.

Here is how Content Marketing Institute defined Content Marketing:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

From the definition, you will understand that content marketing enables you to get a profitable customer action.

A customer action could occur in a different way. It could be an email subscription, phone leads, sales, event registration, trial signup and so many other options.

2017 State of Content Marketing Infographic:

The power of content marketing to any brand is huge. By providing valuable, insightful and entertaining content, you will be positioning your brand as a thought leader in your industry. And it’s a known fact that thoughts leaders have a better opportunity to make more impact and more money than their competitors.

So how do you maximize content to your brand advantage?

How do you use content to multiply sales and revenue?

How do you grow your influence and position yourself a thought leader through content?

This post will provide answers to the above questions. One of the reasons my company has remained in business since 2009 is that I have strategically used content marketing to my advantage. Even when I had a little marketing budget, I was able to amplify my message through content marketing, reach my ideal prospects and close more business deals. The best part of it is the fact that my clients end up becoming my marketing evangelist as they referred others to use my service. That is the impact good content can have on your brand.

Here are 9 Content marketing Techniques You can use to grow your brand.

1) Email Newsletter

There is a reason why email marketing remains my number one marketing technique. Email marketing enables me to reach decision makers of organizations with my content. With strategic email marketing, you are in a position to grow your brand geometrically.

I personally analyzed hundreds of emails from brands and it’s pitiful that most brands don’t really understand how to use email marketing to give value and earn the trust of the audience. Most emails are all about buying a product and service now. No valuable, insightful and informative content. It’s about buying something now. Don’t expect so much result with such a tactic.

The best way to maximize email marketing to your advantage is to give information that leads prospects to subscribe to your product and services. If you are selling cars, instead of just emailing your subscribers daily about cars, you can give them value by sending them tips on how to buy a good car, how to maintain a car, how to secure a car from theft and so forth.

When your target audience trusts your brand, the effect will be increase in sales and recommendations from them. Always provide value through your email newsletter.


2) Social Media Updates

What type of content are you currently publishing on social media?

The number factor that will determine engagement with your brand on social media is the content you are publishing. If your social media content is all about followers buying your products and services, you will lose them.

Your social media channels should be an avenue to provide value to your followers and prospects. This will result in more brand loyalty and engagement.


3) Blogging

Blogging is another powerful means of utilizing content marketing to provide value. A good blog should be able to give detailed information in a particular industry. Digital Ideas blog is helping entrepreneurs understand how they can use Digital Marketing to grow their business. I decided to blog about Digital Marketing because that is what I have been doing in the past 8 years and have gathered experience in the industry.

No matter your industry, you can start a blog and start providing value to your audience. You don’t even need to be a writer. With services like Fiverr, you can outsource content creation as cheap as $5 per written article.

One of the benefits of blogging is that you continue to reap the effect even after so many years of publishing the content. When you utilize search engines like Google, most of the content presented in the search result are content that were written years ago. That is to tell you how blogging can help your business in years to come.


3) eBook Publishing

By publishing an eBook in your industry, you will be regarded as an expert in that industry.

Do nonexperts write books? 🙂

That is the perception you will enjoy when you either publish a Book or eBook in your industry. I wrote an eBook on how businesses can attract more customers through Digital Marketing and I have been receiving lots of positive reviews from the readers.

Make your eBook available for a free download or with little cost. What you are doing is positioning your brand in the mind of your prospects as an expert in your field. Trust leads to conversion. Bear this in mind and publishing an eBook in your industry will increase your brand trust level.


4) Webinars

Webinars are simply training or seminars conducted online. There have been lots of positive reviews regarding Webinars. I will be hosting my first webinar in few weeks :).

Starting from last year October, I have been hosting seminars offline and most of my company clients this year have been those that attended my physical seminars.

The fact is when prospects find you valuable; they will want to do business with you. One means to demonstrate your value is by organizing free Webinars. Then deliver lots of value in your webinar and market your products and services at the end of the training. Various experts have disclosed how they made millions of dollars by using webinars to sell. But to be able to make that much, you have to reach a hungry audience and be able to sell your solution to them.

The following video on how to host a Webinar will be of help to you.


5) Podcast

Podcast which is an online radio can be a powerful means to communicate with your audience, gain their loyalty and convert them to paying customers. There are hundreds of different podcast in different industry.  If you are a dentist, you can start a Podcast program teaching people on dental care.  Same goes for business consultants, real estate agents, car dealers, digital marketers and any other industry you can think of.

You can also invite guests to your Podcast program. Majority of popular Podcasters invite experts in the field they want to talk about. This will add extra credibility and exposure to your podcast.

Read the below guide on how to start a Podcast

Pat’s Complete Step-By-Step Podcasting Tutorial


6) Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a powerful means of closing more business deals and growing your brand. It is a known fact that people will believe what others are saying about your brand than what you say. It is just common sense. So when you visit most big brands websites online and you are presented with their customer testimonials on their homepage, don’t be surprised. You don’t know the percentage of sales they have been able to generate by effectively using customers reviews. You need to always ask your clients to provide you testimonials if your products and services impressed them. This will be useful to your brand and will also have lots of positive impact on your business.


7) Case Study

Where you able to provide your clients some sort of results?

By documenting the steps you took in getting clients result is an amazing content marketing strategy. A case study could be that your clients had a weak online presence but through your help, they now have a strong online presence which has exposed their business to a wider audience.

Whatever you do, you can publish a case study on how you helped your clients get a specific result. You may not be able to write it for all clients. But ensure you have some case studies to show to prospective clients. This will help in breaking barriers to sales and also leading to a better conversion.


8) Video Marketing

By producing and publishing good videos on video sharing sites like YouTube, you will be putting a face to your brand and also become a source of information. The industry you are will determine the type of videos you will be producing and sharing online. If you sell cars, you can produce and shear videos on how to maintain cars. If you are a dentist, you can produce and share videos on how to take care of your teeth. If you are a digital marketer, you can share videos on how to market online.

There are numerous topics you can produce videos for but they have to be in your area of interest.


9) Infographics


Infographics are information presented in graphics. Most people don’t have the time to read long content. Infographics enable you to compile content and present them in graphics. Someone can quickly go through an infographic and get information that would have required them to read through a long written content. It is an amazing way to present content to your audience and get them to consume it without much energy.

Read the below guides on how to design Infographics


Final Thoughts

Every business has one major goal; How to make more money and grow!

Strategic content marketing is a vehicle that will enable you to actualize your dream of growing your brand. One of the reasons why my company is still in business is that I have been able to maximize content marketing using most of these techniques I share here.

The businesses that will survive in the 21st-century environment are businesses that embrace content marketing. Consumers are always searching for content both online and offline. It’s the brands that present them this content that they will do business with. So if your brand has not fully engaged in content marketing, you need to start as soon as today.

The beauty of content marketing is that you don’t have to create the content yourself. There are various platforms online like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour and so many others that you can recruit freelancers to help you create content.’

Whether you need high quality written blog content, social media content, videos, Webinars, Podcast, Email newsletter content, case study content, Inforgraphics and any other type of content; there are freelancers that can help you with that. You just need to find good and reliable freelancers to help you with your content needs. You can also get some good ones offline by asking your contacts for a recommendation. At Kings Elite, we also help clients with content creation.

Now, is your turn to implement content marketing for your brand and enjoy the benefits.

Have you used content marketing to promote your brand?

Do you have any other content technique that was not discussed in this blog post?

Did you get good ideas from this blog post?

Kindly share your thought with the community using the comment box below.

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