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How To Get Ideas

We all know how powerful ideas are.

Most of the discoveries we are enjoying today are products of ideas from individuals.

The Internet, Car, Airplane, Television, Vaccine, Electricity and so many other great inventions we all enjoy today are products of ideas.

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Emails and so many other platforms and software’s we can’t do without are products of ideas.

My question to you, what ideas have you produced?

What ideas will you contribute to humanity?

Do you just want to be a beneficiary of other ideas without contributing your own quota?

I’m consistently searching and implementing ideas that will have a global impact.

That was the main reason why I named my blog Digital Ideas.

I believe in Ideas and I believe one powerful idea can change humanity.

There are those that keep wondering how they can generate ideas.

Let me expose you to some techniques that have worked for me when it comes to ideas generation.

There are countless articles online about how to generate ideas.

Here are the 7 ways I generate ideas consistently.

  1. Reading Books: – When you spend time reading quality books, you will begin to generate powerful ideas. The more I read, the more Ideas I get. If you don’t spend time daily reading, you need to start. No matter how busy you are, you can still dedicate a minimum of 30 minutes a day to read.
  2. Training, Seminars, and Conferences: – Each time I attend training and seminars, I generate countless ideas. Try as much as possible to attend seminars and training.
  3. Watch Videos Online: –  Online video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo are great platforms to get ideas.
  4. Reading Blogs: – There are millions of blogs online and blogs for any topic you can think of. The more time you spend reading either books or blogs, the more ideas you will generate.
  5. Meditation: – This is a very powerful means of generating ideas. The more you meditate daily, the more your mind will grab ideas. Try it out.
  6. Deep Thinking: – Having a quiet time to engage in deep thinking is a good exercise that will produce positive results, especially new ideas.
  7. Reading the Scripture & Praying: – Reading the scripture and communicating with my maker is a very powerful moment of grabbing ideas from the supernatural.

There could be more ways to generate ideas but these 7 methods have continued to work for me.

No matter what you do today, you can become a powerhouse of ideas.

By practicing these six techniques here, you will start generating ideas beyond your imagination.


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